Life of HSP

The Hoa Sen Plus program promises to be a dynamic and international environment, which helps our students release stress after school, make friends, moreover, advance their soft skills such as teamwork, public speaking, creativity, self-awareness skills, and so on. Being an Hoa Sen Plus-er, you can have various chances to explore many interesting indoor and also outdoor activities. 

There are diverse workshops, which can offer high-value advice for those who wish to cultivate their skill or upgrade the knowledge. We currently concentrate on three majors consisting of Marketing, Logistics, and Business Management.

          Workshop “Personal Branding: When the product is YOURSELF.” and workshop “EMPLOYABILITY AND ESSENTIAL SKILLS FOR LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT”

Besides, the Hoa Sen Plus program has successfully organized Demo classes for those who want to experience the international, as well as an active academic environment. The event attracted a large number of freshmen and sophomores who were interested in our program. 


“Digital customer journey” class and “Vietnamese & international Marketing practices” class

The student life at the Hoa Sen Plus program is not just about what is going on in class or the library. As you receive your degree, you will also have endless chances to pursue your favorite hobbies, find new passions, develop your talents, and create lifelong friendships. To help you find your place at the Hoa Sen Plus program, we offer multi ways to supplement your studies: student organizations, many sororities and fraternities, intramural and club sports teams and leagues, outdoor adventure, and city tours, and so much more.



City tours for batch 2 students of Hoa Sen Plus and Batch 1 students performed their musical talent