Life of HSP

Hoa Sen University is home to a range of acknowledged student organizations that promote student engagement and sharing, pursue a range of areas of concern, learn the concepts of organizational management, and develop useful teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, student clubs are playgrounds for students to make friends, have fun, and experience many available opportunities in student life.

A list of just a few of Hoa Sen's diversity-related student groups are listed below:

Hoa Sen Acoustic: Hoa Sen Acoustic Club was established to provide a playground for exchange and entertainment for all students who are students with the same passion: Acoustic Music. Students can join as a singer or musician.

Millennium Dragon: The Millennium Dragon Club belongs to Hoa Sen. They are officially established on September 1, 2019. Additionally, Millennium Dragon Club is a multi-genre dance group that always welcomes you with the same passion.

Bound Crushers dance Company (B2C): As The Millennium Dragon Club, B2C is a dance group with enthusiastic people. Students who have a passion for dancing and what to make new friends are always welcome to come and join at any time.

Marhub: This is a Marketing Club at Hoa Sen University, which focuses on providing a variety of opportunities to enhance the student experience outside of the classroom. Their goal is to support activities and programs, which relate to the Marketing domain, that provide value and increase club involvement and participation.

Young Logistic Club: It is an academic club about Logistics from Hoa Sen University. With the mission to create a community for HSU-ers who are passionate about and love Logistics & Supply Chain, YLC has become a bridge between businesses and students, helping businesses closer to human resources potential and allow students to learn and experience more in this field.

Hoa Sen MEDIA: The Current Media Club provides a safe place for HSU students to have fun and develop their creative selves. The club aims to create positive impacts inside and outside the HSU culture by diverse means of art, such as publishing, exhibits, seminars, etc.

Hoa Sen Photography: The Photography Club of Hoa Sen University is a platform to bring together people who share knowledge about either the art or philosophy of photos. The club urges people to read light and offers tips on composition. The club organizes events that allow you to practice photography, use your camera to the fullest, and become sensitized to the world around you.

Hoa Sen basketball CLUB & Lotus basketball CLUB: both are basketball clubs of Hoa Sen University. Hoa Sen is a club for boys and Lotus Club is for girls. The Basketball Clubs create a healthy playground for male students to develop their fitness, enhance social activities, and improve their basketball skills.

In addition to the clubs mentioned above, if you become a student at the Hoa Sen University in general and the Hoa Sen Plus program in particular, you will have the opportunities to create interesting and useful clubs yourself. Create a playground for everyone and find friends who share your passion. All can happen at Hoa Sen University.