Life of HSP

Internships are a brief period of educational training. Many of the internship positions marketed by major graduate recruiters are targeted at pre-final year applicants since various companies see them as a fast track to their graduate programs.

The Hoa Sen Plus program offers several internship programs to help you discover more about your interests and get your future underway. We are trying to help you unleash your ability as a leader and specialist.

How many internship terms and when students can apply for being an intern?

Intending to support our Hoa Sen Plus program students to learn as well as experience the real working environment, we try to organize at least 2 terms for interns. The first is Thực tập nhận thức, which is occurred in Summer in your first or second year. And the second one is targeted at the pre-final year after you finish all credits at university. Most students participate in internships after the program, making it easier for students to transfer to full-time jobs.

Opportunities for first - second-year students?

Having practical experience would help you to discover various career fields so that your package makes better decisions and help you improve expertise for potential positions. All the best stuff for your CV. 

The chances for 1st or 2nd-year students are that students can apply for a CV in the spring or summer term for an internship, which can last for three weeks or more. Students can seek for companies themselves or be offered a list of companies that the program has prepared.

After this internship, we believe that the students will have a clearer, more comprehensive view of the actual working environment, as well as build a sense of learning, to build a moral foundation to prepare well for their future.

Opportunities for pre-final year students?

Most of the internship programs are given in the final year of college. Few organizations are more open in their eligibility and may encourage entry. If in question, please contact the organization before applying.

Internships are counted to the main semester and have credits as well. . Students will have 3 months of paid or unpaid job skills which will help them focus on the next move and teach you useful experiences for potential roles.

Are there any other opportunities?

Yes, there are! We still have an internal internship, which welcomes all Hoa Sen Plus students, who are enthusiastic and passionate, to join to work as professional staff in the university. Think about skills you would like to develop, or jobs you are curious about, and use your value times to get some experience for yourself – your future.