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The labor markets in Vietnam.

According to Nguyen (2021), the challenge of employment in the digital era with Vietnam is increasing, when it is forecasted that the labor force in the period 2021-2025 will increase by 860,000 people/year with a growth rate of 1.65%; the period 2025-2030 will increase 743,000 people/year with the growth rate of 1.22%/year. Although the labor market has been increasing, which increases the job opportunities for workers, there are various challenges that need to be noticed. Students should develop many key employability skills demanded by almost all employers, such as:

  • Effective communication   ⮚ Time management

  • Teamwork ⮚ Professionalism

  • Adaptability ⮚ Problem-solving

  • Resilience ⮚ Decision-making

After graduating, what can our students do?

Further study – certain graduates seek to study their academic subject in greater depth, generally with a master's degree.

Graduate Internship – given that certain businesses expect graduate students to have professional training before beginning work, some young graduates prefer to improve their experience with a first-time internship.

Job entry-level – the bulk of graduates will pursue jobs not as part of the conventional 'college scheme' but in a business where their degree and transferable expertise are useful. There are usually graduate-level workers for small and medium-sized businesses.

Self-employed – some students may start their own companies. Many colleges offer to fund entrepreneurs.

What are the things do students need to prepare for employment?

Focus on Resume Development skills

In university life, students should concentrate on their studies and improve the GPA as high as possible. But students should also start developing professional, transferable skills that will impress hiring managers. Students’ CV can impress employers through various opportunities, including internships, volunteer work, part-time work, and campus organizations.

Maximize your learning opportunities.

Students probably take the initiative for this. Rather than seeking multiple courses,  perhaps work and other duties as burdensome, look at them as a chance to advance organizational skills and resume achievements. Find the best ways to stay focused on your study and

Where can I get support in planning my future?

We are always here to help our teachers. Get assistance from our knowledgeable team for a one-to-one consultation. Contact us by email or directly come to room 706, Nguyen Van Trang Campus, to have an appointment. Our meetings are unbiased, trustworthy, and are often available by phone or email. We welcome Hoa Sen Plus students and recent graduates. As well as helping you discuss thoughts for your career ambitions, we will help you consider graduate recruiting procedures, e.g., writing a technical CV, evaluation centers, and handling work interviews.