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Long story short, the better you score on the GPA scale—the higher the chances you have of getting accepted into a prestigious university or receiving a decent job. In terms of employment, GPA plays a more important role than you might think. The higher the GPA you get—the better career starts you will have (with more employers willing to pay you a high salary). Also, you will receive more job opportunities and, therefore, will have a better social life in general.


When you apply for a position, whether it is the first one, an entirely different one or advancement inside the same organization, your CV is the first opportunity you get to make a positive impression. It is the one that needs to set you apart in the eyes of the recruiter, based entirely on the terms on the screen they have in front of them. The value of a well-written CV cannot be overlooked.



A majority of students get part-time work while at university to cover their living expenses, but many do not realize that these jobs can be just as good on your resume as internships. Typical part-time employment is mostly in the catering, hospitality, or retail field, school, for example, as a chef, waitress, or store assistant, as a teaching assistant. These kinds of jobs prove tenacity, time management, and people skills, as well as a range of transferable skills when it comes to specific industries. 


There are also ways for students to volunteer at the university. Students should look at what schemes both Hoa Sen University as well as the Hoa Sen Plus program have, or study what is possible to help in your local city, ranging from volunteering for children or the sick, or supporting the homeless.


The power of the internship cannot be denied. The above are all extremely helpful when it comes to eventually look for a job, but employers will always appreciate some relevant experience in your chosen field. Do not limit yourself to the main internships advertised by big companies, although these are great to have on your CV, email some local companies, look on websites. Indeed, and ask your contacts if they have heard of anything that might be open. 


A positive attitude within a workplace will help you have a good assessment from employers. Attitude is the first thing that the companies can see in the interview. The better the attitude, the better the performance. A positive attitude also fosters creativity. Additionally, prepare yourself to be comfortable as well as confident!