Life of HSP

From our heart, we always care and be there to support our students’ mental health and wellbeing. Since we know that they are the priority. The healthier you are, the more effective you can get at studying. 

Our professional team will be here to support you. We care for your physical, and mental well-being and understand that everyone is different and that everyone's circumstance is special.

We have a range of free support and services available to all undergraduate, postgraduate taught, and postgraduate research students.



Medical room

- Fully equipped treatment rooms are on each campus at Hoa Sen University

Health care service office

- Room 707, 08 Nguyen Van Trang, Ward Ben Thanh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city (not sure)

- Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm (GMT+7)

What we do there?

At this room, we provide professional counseling on each campus and are available if you want to talk about your personal issues, mental/ physical health issues, studying issues. 

Counselors aim to help you reflect on and understand more clearly the issues that bother or confuse you. The task of the counselor is to provide support and empathy and to listen and answer in a non-judgmental manner. He/she will respect your beliefs, choices, and lifestyle. Counseling will help you discuss your emotions and figure out what is under something that feels disturbing or overwhelming.



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Tips for healthy living

Eating for good health

Choosing safe and balanced food items is one way you can reduce the chances of having certain serious health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Eating a nutritious diet will also help you control your weight, improve your symptoms, and feel better. Moreover, remember to eat enough, not too little or too much!

Physical activities and exercises

A 30-minute activity on most days of each week would give you lots of significant health effects. The value of daily physical exercise, forms of activity, and ways to make you healthier are explored. Hence, the university has a wide variety of athletic events open to you, try to join your favorite sports clubs here and take part in social activities aimed at enhancing physical fitness then have fun!

Get sleep enough

Most adults require 7 to 8 hours of high-quality sleep on a daily basis every night. When you can't find enough time to relax, make adjustments to your schedule. Having enough sleep is not just a total of hours of sleep. It is also essential to get high - quality sleep on a time routine so that you feel refreshed when you awake.

What can you do to have quality sleep?

- Keep a daily routine in order 

- Reduce the cause of concern 

- Cut down caffeine 

- Do not use alcohol to make you relax. 

- Relax & do yoga 

- Do exercise regularly

Safe sex

If you are sexually active at university, it is necessary to be aware of your sexual wellbeing. Your sexual well-being may have an effect on your physical and emotional well-being, so it's easy to be healthy if you are the know-how. 

Thinking about your sexual wellbeing, consider the need to: 

- Shield yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and pregnancy

- Making sure that you know the risks and how to prevent them when reading about sex education