Entry Requirement

For Freshmen:

+ Must have completed a recognized equivalent Year 12 studies program to the required standard of Hoa Sen University Admissions Processes (4 different admissions options:

+ English language proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.5

For Hoa Sen University Students who have the will the change to Hoa Sen Plus programs (continuing study route):

General Requirement

Students who have graduated from high school must meet admissions & recruiting requirements of the Hoa Sen university. They can apply every year according to the admission process and requirement of HSU. Also, they must have English proficiency equivalent to EIC5 (general English level 5 for HSU students) or above.


English Requirement

Applicants must have IELTS 5.5+ to apply for this program or join EIC classes to level their English skills if they have not been able to get IELTS band 5.5.

If you don’t have the IELST certificate yet, please register to take the English placement test.


How to apply

The process of applying for university can be a little daunting for you from the beginning. Do not worry! No matter who you are, we provide everything you need to know about starting an exciting new chapter in your life and how to apply to the Hoa Sen Plus program.

Important Dates

February intake 2021

  • Application Deadline: 05/02
  • Deposit deadline: 05/02
  • Enrollment open: 18/01
  • Enrollment deadline: 05/03
  • Timetable open: 25/02
  • Orientation Day: 04/03
  • Tuition fee deadline: 26/03
  • Commencing date: 08/03

June intake 2021

  • Application Deadline: 18/06
  • Deposit deadline: 18/06
  • Enrollment open: 24/05
  • Enrollment deadline: 25/06
  • Timetable open: 17/06
  • Orientation Day: 24/06
  • Tuition fee deadline: 16/07
  • Commencing date: 28/06

October intake 2021

  • Application Deadline: 8/10
  • Deposit deadline: 8/10
  • Enrollment open: 13/9
  • Enrollment deadline: 15/10
  • Timetable open: 7/10
  • Orientation Day: 14/10
  • Tuition fee deadline: 5/11
  • October commencing date: 18/10