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Mr. Ngo Manh Duy


Mr. Ngo Manh Duy

  • Degree: MSc of Business in Finance, Victoria University, Melbourne
  • Position: Lecturer
  • Expertise: Accounting-Finance Department
  • Taught Courses: Accounting-Finance Department
  • Email: Duy.ngomanh[at]hoasen.edu.vn

Mr. Ngo Manh Duy is an experienced lecturer in the Accounting-Finance Department of the Faculty of Economics and Business at Hoa Sen University (HSU). He  had worked as a financial analyst and Head of Fundamental Research Unit at Vietcombank Securities (VCBS) and ACB Securities (ACBS) respectively before joining HSU in February 2014.

He acquired his Bachelor of Commerce and Administration majored in Finance in Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) in 2005 and earned his Master of Business in Finance in Victoria University in Melbourne (Australia) in 2009.

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