Who are we

The Hoa Sen Plus international program in marketing, business administration, and supply chain management is composed of lecturers from around the world and Vietnam who have experience as both practitioners and scholars overseas. 

Likewise, the leadership team of Hoa Sen Plus strives to share their international expertise by developing events, workshops, and community outreach to expose students to alternative perspectives and challenge them with a higher standard. For the best and brightest students, this is what they need.

Get the benefits of an international level program with the convenience and affordability of studying in Vietnam.

The curriculum differs from the standard program in several key aspects – 

   + English-immersion 

   + Continuous revisions to reflect current best practices

   + Active learning environment

   + Critical thinking and discussion is emphasized

   + Holistic approach to teaching and learning

In the Plus program, we focus on outcomes for our students. We believe that professional programs prepare students best for their careers by offering real-world experiences through internships in internationally-oriented companies and practical projects that put them in contact with leaders of innovation and vision. Every student will have the chance to be placed.

Our students are high-achievers with proficiency in English and other foreign languages as well as industry. They are self-starters who already possess a serious attitude about learning and professionalism. 

Now, foreign students and international school graduates are joining the program and contributing to the diversity of thought and culture in the program. 

If you are interested in a challenging program that will prepare you for an international career, Hoa Sen Plus is your passport to the world