Strategic Collaborators and Partners

Massey University (New Zealand) – Our longest relationship provides an international study abroad opportunity for all Plus students as part of our required course. This program includes travel to New Zealand and attending class alongside New Zealanders and students from around the world. Students can experience the pace of quality of life in another culture and use their English in a country where English is the official language.


Vin School (Ho Chi Minh City) – Graduates of the Vin School gain access to scholarships and specially tailored programming directed specifically to their needs, including course exemptions based on testing. Vin School students can follow and admissions process which accounts for their advanced learning environment and international standards.

Omega Digital (Ho Chi Minh City) – We have had great success sending interns to gain valuable on the job experience with Omega, who has even hired some of our graduates. Founder and managing director, Wes Jackson, is a friend to our program and has contributed to the entire school through his master classes and presentations. This is a model for what a partnership between industry and training should be because it is an international company operating right here in Vietnam.